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Classic Car Fuel Injection Conversion
Update and Improve
Starting, Performance, Drivability and Fuel Economy

With our unique professionally designed Classic Car Injection kit you can update and improve your vehicle giving you full control of both the Fuel and Ignition Systems.

It gives you full ECU control of the entire Fuel and Ignition Systems using full 3D look up tables.
You can be sure of always having the correct fuelling and ignition timing at all engine speeds, loads and temperatures.

Easily fitted to many classic cars it can be installed by professionals and home mechanics alike.
You do not need to understand fuel injection systems as long as you have some mechanical ability and some basic PC skills you can fit and tune this system.

Our Classic fuel Injection system is a self tuning fuel and ignition system that automatically learns the correct fuelling for your vehicle.
After fitment the system self tunes to teach itself the precise fuelling requirements for your vehicle.

Just fit the system, get the vehicle started and then drive it.
The more you drive it the better it gets as the system automatically learns and adapts to your vehicle.

After a few journeys the system will be fully adapted to your vehicle and from then onwards you can just drive as you would normally.
For those preferring not too get involved we can offer full installation, setup and calibration services if required.

Why Convert your Classic Car to Electronic Fuel Injection ?

The major benefits of our CFI system are much better control of both the fuel and ignition systems.
This means the engine can be tuned for best power and best fuel economy at any given speed without the limitations imposed by the more traditional carburettor and mechanical distributor
Accurate computer control of fuel and ignition allow improvements in many areas including
- More Power
- Save Fuel
- Easier Starting
- Improved Reliability
- Smoother Driving
- More Responsive
- More performance
- Fit and Forget

Classic Fuel Injection - Will it fit my vehicle ?

We have purposely designed our CFI range to fit as many classic car makes and models as possible.
Our design allows the CFI system to be fitted to virtually any vehicle that has one or more carburettors.
It can be fitted to 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder engines with either 1, 2, 3 or even 4 carburettors.
We have developed vehicle specific adaptor kits for many different vehicles fitted with the SU, Stromberg and Weber range of carburettors.
For American V8 engines we have adaptor kits available for the typical 4 barrel carburettors fitted to many popular V8 vehicles from Chrysler, Ford and General Motors
Even if your vehicle is fitted with some other carburettor our system can be easily adapted to fit.

Our design philosophy for this system is simple
1 - Easy to fit
2 - Easy to set up
3 - Keep the vehicle looking as standard and original as possible
4 - Use quality proven components from the OE motor industry
5 - Adaptable to as many classic cars as possible
6 - Keep the system effective but simple
7 - Provide a low cost alternative to the existing complicated systems on the market
8 - Retain the ability to return the vehicle to standard specification with minimal work or expenditure.

Proven, Tested and Quality Components

Our system is designed to utilise quality tried and tested components from the OEM motor industry.
All the major components have been designed, tested and used on countless vehicles around the world.
This means the design of all the key components of our system have already benefited from countless hours of testing and development courtesy of the original vehicle manufacturer.

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