4 Barrel - Replacement Throttle Body Fuel Injection Conversions

Holley, Edelbrock, Carter, Solex, Ford, GM
Four Barrel, 4 BBL - Replacement Throttle Body

Using our Throttle Body Injection ( TBI ) Throttle Bodies you can easily convert your existing 4 barrel carburettor to fuel injection.
With these throttle bodies in conjunction with our kits virtually any vehicle currently fitted with these 4 bbl carburettors can be converted to fuel injection.

Most of the American V8's and some of the Rolls Royce and Mercedes ranges had these 4 bbl carburettors fitted as standard.
In most cases these throttle bodies are a direct bolt on replacement to the original carbuettor with little or no modification required

4 barrel fuel injection conversion

4 barrrel efi conversion