Wideband Controller - Accurate Lambda Meter - ALM

ALM-Inline - Wideband Controller with Bosch LSU4.9 Sensor and Sensor Boss

ALM accurate lambda meter wideband controller

ALM (Accurate Lambda Meter) from EcoTron is an air-fuel-ratio (AFR) meter which uses the Bosch LSU4.9 or LSU ADV wideband oxygen sensor to accurately measure the AFR or lambda for variant combustion engines, or to simply measure the oxygen concentration of variant exhaust gases.

ALM-inline is the smallest version with an enclosure is so small and slim, and it is seamlessly integrated with the cable, that you may not even notice there is a controller.

It is part of the cable, and therefore named as “inline”.

ALM-inline has the full function of a wideband controller, and the only thing it needs is 12V power supply.

Based on the Bosch CJ125 chip.

It measures the O2 concentration accurately, and converts it to either lambda, or AFR, as you want. It controls the LSU 4.9 sensor temperature in a close loop mode, accurately at 780 C degrees.

ALM-inline outputs the lambda measurement using the 0-5V analog voltage.

These are custom programmed especially for us to give output range as follows

0 volt Output = Lambda 0.68
5 volt Output = Lambda 1.36

Our package includes
ALM Inline Controller programmed for Lambda 0.68 to 1.36
Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor
Stainless plug and bung

Available to Purchase HERE

ALM accurate lambda meter wideband controller

ALM-Inline technical specifications

Power supply
Input voltage range    DC 12V for the Inline, 12V for the O2 sensor
Input current       60mA typical for the Inline; the heater current directly from 12V supply

Standard configuration   LSU 4.9 (Support LSUADV;
              LSU 4.2 capable but not recommended)
Number of Sensors     One
Free air calibration    No need

Range of measurement    λ = 0.68 to 1.36
Measurement accuracy    ±0.008 @ λ=1.00
              ±0.01 @ λ=0.80
              ±0.05 @ λ=1.70
Air/Fuel Ratio       Fuel dependent (see lambda range and accuracy)
Range of O2%        -21% ~ 21%

Response time
5ms updating rate
0-5v analog output in 5ms updating rate;

Control         Built-in PID control with CJ125
Current         Typical 1A;Peak 3.5A
Heater return (H-)    Separate wire from Ground

Lambda analog output    0 ~ 5V analog the user can set
Analog accuracy       ±0.005V error with a 10-bit DAC chip

SCI communications(option)

CPU         Freescale MC9S12P128 16-bit micro-processor (Automotive level)
Speed        32MHz
Memory        128k Flash, 6k RAM, 4k Data

Temperature range    -40oC ~ 85oC
Dimensions        3.64″ x 1.18″ x 0.87″