Our Classic Fuel Injection systems are E10 fuel compatible

Classic Fuel Injection

This is the new and updated well respected Spartan 3 Lite Wide Band O2 Amplifier from 14point7.

( Spartan 3 Lite has replaced the previous Spartan 2 products )

Used with our own CFI Classic Fuel injection system but can also be used with many other systems

This is one of the best Wide Band systems available on the market and can also be used for many other fuel injection applications in addition to our own.

it operates form 10:1 AFR to 20:1 AFR The output is linear 5 volt as per industry norm.

Feel free to purchase one of these wideband oxygen sensor systems to use with your own fuel injection application or if you are upgrading an existing system
It is with the help of this clever piece of kit that our Classic Fuel Injection system self learns when the vehicle is driven, so whilst not essential to our CFI kits it is highly recommended.

Spartan 3 Lite v2 Features:

  • 10ms Response Time
  • 1x Programmable linear voltage output for Lambda/AFR/%Oxygen
  • 1x Programmable simulated narrowband output
  • Compatible with Bosch LSU 4.9, Bosch LSU ADV, and clone LSU 4.9 sensors. The LSU ADV sensor provides a 20x resolution increase over the LSU 4.9.
  • Default Lambda range of 0.68[Lambda] to 1.36[Lambda], equivalent to 10[AFR] to 20[AFR] for gasoline
  • Maximum Lambda range of 0.6[Lambda] to 3.4[Lambda], equivalent to 8.82[AFR] to 50[AFR] for gasoline
  • %O2 range of 0%O2 to 21%O2
  • Lean Burn mode for lean burn applications
  • Smart Heatup; Temperature Triggered Heating, Spartan 3 Lite v2 will wait for the Oxygen sensor to be heated to 350C by engine exhaust gases before heating up the sensor
  • Output Sequencer provides a dual-level precision voltage signal to the Linear Output. This allows you to easily check that the AFR/Lambda seen by any device connected to the Linear Output is accurate, and if not, to generate a 2 point calibration to achieve perfect accuracy. 
  • Does not require Free Air Calibration but FAC is available. Recommended only for clone LSU 4.9 sensors
  • UART
  • ARM Cortex M4
  • 0.1% tolerance components for all components that affect the accuracy
  • Separate grounds for LSU Heater and electronics provide improved noise performance
  • Spartan 3 Lite v2 does not have CAN Bus


Additional Features and Specifications:

  • 8 ft cable length
  • Operating Temperature: -40[C] to +105[C]

Spartan 3 works with Bosch genuine LSU 4.9 sensors and also with compatible sensors if they have the correct calibration resistor factory fitted.

( The cheap clone sensors tend not to have the correct resistor fitted so will not display accurate results  - these can be used with Spartan 3 providing the Free Air Calibration mode is programmed)

All sensors that we stock are Bosch geniuine or a proven and tested compatible products and do not require the Free Air Calibration Mode


This listing is for Amplifier only, either buy the separate Bosch sensor or buy the combined amp and sensor set in our other listing

Classic Fuel Injection - WideBand O2 Amplifier - 14.7 Spartan 3 Lite - Exhaust Lambda Oxygen Sensor

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These kits are only suitable for vehicles with a Negative Earth electrical system.
If your vehicle is the older Positive Earth then you must convert the vehicle to Negative Earth before fitment.
Many older vehicles have already been converted but if you need to convert this is normally a simple process often cost free.

The full vehicle kits will normally be supplied with the ECU pre loaded with an initial start file.

This initial start file is simply provided as an aid for engine starting, it should not be considered a suitable final calibration for your engine.
You must be prepared to undertake further ECU calibration work to ensure the ECU files are tailored to your vehicle.
Failure to successfully complete the calibration process may lead to poor vehicle driveability or even damage to your engine.

Our Classic Fuel Injection Kits are custom built to order and to the customer general specification and as such are exempt from automatic return rights under Consumer Contract regulations.
By ordering this conversion kit you understand that further ECU calibration work will be required and the final results are outside of our control.
We cannot accept returns or claims arising from failure to successfully complete the calibration process.