Classic Fuel Injection - Fitting Service

Classic Car Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition Conversion

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Classic Fuel Injection - Full Installation and Calibration Service

Our systems are easy for you to fit and set up.
The skill level required for installation is aimed at the competent home mechanic with access to a typical toolkit.
However we can also offer a full installation and calibration service if you prefer at our workshops.
If you would like to take advantage of our installation service please let us know.

Classic Fuel Injection - Calibration Only Service

Our systems are designed to be easy to calibrate and setup with much of the hard work automatically completed using our intelligent self learning system.
However if you prefer to install your system yourself but wish us to complete the calibration work we can offer a calibration only service at our workshops.
We will set all the basic parameters to get the vehicle starting and running and we will then drive the vehicle on the road to fine tune.

We will pay special attention to -
Cold Starting
Hot starting
General Drivability
Fine tune the maps for a balance between performance and fuel consumption

Please note this some of this calibration work will be carried out on the public highway
Your vehicle must be safe to drive, road legal and without serious faults otherwise we will not be able to complete the process.