Our Classic Fuel Injection systems are E10 fuel compatible

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Classic Fuel Injection
Housing and 4 wire IAC idle control valve to allow Idle Speed Control to be fitted to many different engine types.
This is universal fitment and designed to mate with standard 13mm rubber hose which can then be plumbed into the intake air system

Use with ECU's with built in IAC stepper control or if your ECU only has PWM Idle Control then use in conjunction with our new PWM2Stepper Control Module

These parts are brand new and are sourced from Marelli

IAC Idle Air Valve Stepper Motor and Housing

  • £62.00

Tags: IAC, Idle Air Valve, Stepper Motor and Housing


The vehicle kits will normally be supplied with the ECU pre loaded with an initial start file.

This initial start file is simply provided as an aid for engine starting, it should not be considered a suitable final calibration for your engine.
You must be prepared to undertake further ECU calibration work to ensure the ECU files are tailored to your vehicle.
Failure to successfully complete the calibration process may lead to poor vehicle driveability or even damage to your engine.

Our Classic Fuel Injection Kits are custom built to order and to the customer general specification and as such are exempt from automatic return rights under Consumer Contract regulations.
By ordering this conversion kit you understand that further ECU calibration work will be required and the final results are outside of our control.
We cannot accept returns or claims arising from failure to successfully complete the calibration process.