Our Classic Fuel Injection systems are E10 fuel compatible

Based on the Lucas distributor this CAS assembly has been developed to allow use the easy fitment of a multi toothed trigger wheel without the need to fit extra pulleys etc.

Multi toothed trigger wheels are used to provide accurate engine position information to the ECU for control of wasted spark ignition systems and correct timing of the fuel injectors.

Being based on a Lucas distributor body it should fit any vehicle that used either the 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder versions of the Lucas distributor with the normal offset drive dog.

With some minor modifications ( normally to clamp arrangements ) it can often be used to replace some of the Bosch 4 cylinder distributors as well.

It will work with any ECU capable of reading a 12-1 missing tooth wheel on the camshaft.

We have tested on the MaxxECU range of ECU’s

Most modern ECU’s can trigger from a camshaft source so it will probably work on various other ECU’s from Emerald, Link and Omex etc. but you will need to check the specification of your chosen unit to be sure.

Since this unit is driven from the original distributor drive please ensure that the original drive is serviceable without excessive free play.
If there is too much free play back and forth then the ECU may not read the trigger correctly.

This version will NOT work with conventional distributor cap and plug leads so will need to be used in conjunction with a wasted spark coil pack or similar.

Our other version is similar but retains the original rotor arm and distributor cap so the original method of distributing the ignition sparks using the rotor arm and distributor cap can be retained if desired.

Included in the package

Modified Lucas distributor fitted with 12-1 toothed wheel
Hall effect 12 volt sensor to read the toothed wheel position
Machined cap to replace the original distributor cap

Fitting Guide

Set engine to TDC # 1
Loosely fit CAS to engine with cap removed
Turn engine backwards by 90 degrees ( crankshaft angle )
Rotate CAS body until sensor aligns with centre of missing tooth
Lock CAS body to engine and then refit cap

This means the CAS system will then read the missing tooth 90 degrees crankshaft angle or 45 degrees camshaft angle before TDC

Set the ECU software so that First Tooth Angle ( sometimes called Initial Angle ) is 90 degrees referenced to crankshaft.
This first tooth angle within the ECU can then be adjusted up or down as required to ensure actual timing requested by ECU is observed using a timing lamp.
( most ECU's reference this angle as crankshaft angle but some may reference as camshaft angle )

We specified 90 degrees as the first tooth angle to allow easy visual checking but equally this could be set to almost any angle if preferred.

Lucas CAS – Cam Angle Sensor without distributor cap

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These kits are only suitable for vehicles with a Negative Earth electrical system.
If your vehicle is the older Positive Earth then you must convert the vehicle to Negative Earth before fitment.
Many older vehicles have already been converted but if you need to convert this is normally a simple process often cost free.

The full vehicle kits will normally be supplied with the ECU pre loaded with an initial start file.

This initial start file is simply provided as an aid for engine starting, it should not be considered a suitable final calibration for your engine.
You must be prepared to undertake further ECU calibration work to ensure the ECU files are tailored to your vehicle.
Failure to successfully complete the calibration process may lead to poor vehicle driveability or even damage to your engine.

Our Classic Fuel Injection Kits are custom built to order and to the customer general specification and as such are exempt from automatic return rights under Consumer Contract regulations.
By ordering this conversion kit you understand that further ECU calibration work will be required and the final results are outside of our control.
We cannot accept returns or claims arising from failure to successfully complete the calibration process.