Classic Fuel Injection - Frequently Asked Questions

Classic Car Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition Conversion

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Frequently Asked Questions and Information

Classic Fuel Injection - Will it fit my vehicle ?

Our systems are designed to fit as many different vehicles as possible.
By keeping the system simple and adaptable it should be possible to fit the system to virtually any classic car.
Our kits can be used on small 4 cylinder engines, straight 6's or a large V8.
You can either purchase the individual components from us and fit them to your own vehicle or you can make use of the kits we offer.
These kits will contain all the common major parts you need and will also have vehicle or carburettor specific adaptors.
Utilising these optional adaptors means fitment is little more than a bolt on process and more importantly you do not need to drill or machine the inlet manifolds on your vehicle.
We can offer complete kits for vehicles fitted with SU, Stromberg, Weber and also the common 4 barrel carburettors as used on many V8's

Classic Fuel Injection - Can I fit it ?

Our systems are easy to fit and set up.
If you have some basic mechanical fitting skills then you should not have a problem fitting the system.
For the initial setting and calibration work you will need some basic PC knowledge and a laptop but again this is easy to do as much of the hard work is done automatically for you by our software.
We can also offer a full or partial installation service if you prefer.

In short - If you can service your vehicle then you can fit this system

Classic Fuel Injection - Do these kits give me electronic ignition or do I need to fit separately ?

Our kits give you full electronic ignition as well as electronic fuel injection.
All aspects of the ignition system are fully controlled by the ECU using our High Energy Ignition Module ( sometimes referred to as a HEI system ).
This means you do not need contact breakers, condensers etc. and benefit from an ignition spark with much higher energy for a more complete combustion process.
The ECU takes cares of all aspects of the ignition system, such as when to charge and fire the ignition coil, calculating the dwell time and of course the entire ignition system is fully programmable within the engine ECU.

Classic Fuel Injection - Is it true all I have to do is Drive and the System teaches itself ?

During self learn the CFI system continually monitors the exhaust gasses and uses these results to correctly calculate the correct amount of fuel required at any given time.
To initially calibrate or map the system all you need to do is connect your laptop and run the software and then drive the vehicle.
It will then monitor the fuelling and automatically adjust the fuel maps as required, all you need to do is drive.
The 3D tables allow you to specify 100's of individual values of spark ignition timing and fuelling based on engine speed, throttle angle, manifold vacuum etc.

Normally after just a few varied driving trips the system will have learnt all it needs.
At this point you no longer need the laptop and you can just drive the vehicle as you would normally.

Classic Fuel Injection - How Does it Save Fuel and Give More Power ?

Quite simply because both the fuel delivery and the ignition system are much more accurately controlled than with the original system you can make the most of every drop of fuel.

You do not have to run the system over rich just to get it to drive or start, the ECU will determine the exact amount of fuel required at any given time and make sure the engine receives that and no more.

By having a fully computer controlled ignition system you can specify the ignition advance at any engine speed or load rather than relying on the inaccurate centrifugal weights and vacuum advance mechanisms.

This means the ignition advance can always be set to exactly what is required for best power and economy.
With a correctly set system you ought to see Power Gains and Fuel Savings of around 10 to 15%

Classic Fuel Injection - Do you offer support and help ?

Of course, we are happy to help you get the most out of our systems.
In addition to our full installation, initial setup and calibration services we can also offer help and advice for your own installation.

Just send as en email and we will do our best to help with your specific issue