Customer Reviews

A selection of reviews received from our customers.

These were either received as unsolicited emails or comments posted on other forums and websites.

Jim Villers - President of the 190SL Enthusiast Group - USA
Mercedes 190SL Twin Weber DCOE to Classic Fuel Injection Conversion

His interesting story of the full conversion process from carburettor to fuel injection.
Originally published in the Mercedes - Benz 190SL Enthusiast Group Magazine - Fall 2022 edition
( kind thanks given to the 190SL group for permission to re publish here )

Link to PDF copy of the article here  -  Mercedes-190SL-Fuel-Injection.pdf

Link to full PDF copy of the magazine here for those interested in these vehicles - Mercedes-190SL-Magazine-n2022-04-Fall

Robert – Citroen DS Semi Automatic
Replacing original Bosch EFI System with the 4 Injector Classic Fuel Injection conversion using on the MaxxECU system.

Hi Kevin,
just to let you know it's bloody marvellous !!!
Works a treat, so I can now do the hydraulic adjustments to match.
I've also tweaked the accelerator enrichment and the dead spots have more or less gone too.

So as far as I'm concerned I'm almost there. Slight cold start problem but it's just a small adjustment.

Many thanks again for all your help.

James – Fiat Panda Track Car
4 Injector and Wasted Spark Coils using the Classic Fuel Injection conversion based on the MaxxECU system.

Thank you for supplying quality parts and your help in settling up the Panda pick-up's injection.
With your system and a few other suspension parts we took over  45 seconds of our lap time at Goodwood Spring Sprint. Super awesome, way better than I'd hoped for.
The Panda beat two Arbaths, a Lancia and Porsche. Among a few others.
Many thanks

James – Austin Healey 3000 with BJ8 Triple Carburettors
3 Injector Premium kit  using the Classic Fuel Injection conversion based on the Dynamic EFI ECU system

Great results - car starts up from dead cold with a push of the starter button without even having to press the gas pedal. Idles really well, loads of power, and really smooth acceleration. These are the results I was expecting.

I’ll drive it for a while and report back if there are any further developments, but it seems as though it’s been a success.


Grant – Triumph Spitfire with twin SU Carburettors
2 Injector Premium kit using the Classic Fuel Injection conversion based on the Dynamic EFI ECU system

( Comment posted by Grant on the )
This was my winter project which I finished and took for a drive yesterday. An EFI system from Classic Fuel Injection Ltd. I did it mainly because I could never get those SUs tuned properly and wanted the reliability of an EFI system. I was expecting a bit more power but this has far surpassed all my expectations. The kit was so easy to fit, it self learns with a laptop connected and has given a real boost to performance right through the rev range.

John – Triumph TR6 with original Lucas PI System
Replacing original Lucas PI System with the 6 Injector Classic Fuel Injection conversion based on the Dynamic EFI ECU system

( Comment posted by John on the  forum )
Hi Guys
Here is an update on my conversion EFI.
Just completed 1450 mile tour to Ireland with an average fuel consumption of just over 31 mpg.
The tuning of the software ,with the help of Kevin at Classic Car Injection was pretty straight forward.

My car starts and runs like a modern car, with much improved fuel consumption

If anybody wishes to do this conversion, I can fully recommend this company.

James – Jaguar Mk2 240 with Twin Carburettors
2 Injector Premium kit using the Classic Fuel Injection conversion based on the Dynamic EFI ECU system

( comment posted by James on )
I have fitted a “Classic fuel injection ltd” system to my 1968 mk2/240 it’s my first weekend out, and having driven 300kms i can tell you it makes your pussy purr like a very content cat.
I will always be disadvantaged due small engine size but the gains in smoothness pull off and high speed [running 5 speed w58 box] and everything else made the leap to EFI well worth it, I’m booked for the rolling road next month. I think I may not need it as the system has wide band O2 and learns itself. The simple thing about it is just fit the mounting blocks between the carb and inlet manifold. Longer studs are required for fitment and an extra inch distance for air box to move away from engine. Take a look on the site it show a xj6 fitment with SU’s. Kevin is a great guy and very helpful. This option is so much cheaper to buy and very easy to fit. no more smell of petrol yay, no problem parking on hills and no hunting other parts etc.