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Classic Car Mechanical Service to help you keep your classic in tip-top condition.
From a simple Oil Change to a Full Restoration and everything else in between.

Our Classic Fuel Injection customers often ask us
       " Whilst you have the car in the workshop can you just change the oil / check the brakes / sort out the lights etc. etc. "
With this in mind we are happy to announce that we have opened the workshop doors and now offer our Classic Car expertise to all Classic owners.
Based near Chelmsford we are ideally placed to serve customers from Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and much of the South East.

Classic Car Mechanical Services Available

With over 30 years experience with Classic Cars we now offer the classic car owner a full range of mechanical of services to help keep your car in top form.
Originally Classic Cars were a hobby but over the years they have turned into a passion and a job.
We have fixed, repaired and fully restored many different Classic Cars from saloons to single seat race cars.
Whilst we do not claim to be a particular model expert we are very used to working with Classic Cars in all their different shapes and sizes.

Oil and Filter Changes
Engine Service and Tuning
Brake Service, Inspection and Replacement
Ignition System
Carburettors and Fuel systems
Gearbox / Clutch
General Repairs and Upgrades
Full Vehicle Service
Annual or Post Storage Service
Full or Partial Vehicle Restoration

We do not cover bodywork or spraying - But we know a man who does !


We carry out all our work based on a simple £40 per hour plus parts cost basis.
If you already have the parts and just want them fitted then that is fine with us too.
When you bring a car to us we will give you a quotation for the work you have asked for and stick to it.
If we do find other essential work or parts required we always talk to you first.
I cannot guarantee that your car's condition will not surprise you but our final bill never will.

( Classic Fuel injection Ltd is not registered for VAT, so no nasty surprises added )

Fuel Injection for Classic Cars