Triumph Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition Conversion
Improved Starting, Performance and Fuel Economy

triumph tr6 fuel injection conversion
triumph gt6 fuel injection conversion
jaguar fuel injection conversion

Triumph Fuel Injection Conversion - EFI Conversion - TBI Conversion

We have designed our Classic Fuel Injection system so that it can be fitted to virtually any petrol vehicle.
It does not matter whether it is a car, truck, van, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder engine.

Systems available for -
Triumph TR2
Triumph TR3
Triumph TR4
Triumph TR250
Triumph TR5
Triumph TR6
Triumph TR6 PI
Triumph TR7
Triumph TR8
Triumph GT6
Triumph Stag
Triumph 2000,
Triumph 2500
Triumph 2500 PI

Triumph TR4 Converted to Fuel Injection

Triumph Vitesse 2000cc - Recently completed in our workshops

Triumph Stag 3.0L V8 - Customer Conversion

Triumph TR6 2.5L
Customer Conversion - ( Converted from Lucas Mechanical to our Electronic Fuel Injection System

Triumph Vitesse - Customer Conversion

Triumph Spitfire - Customer Conversion

Triumph TR6 2500 PI - Customer Conversion

Triumph TR6 2500 PI - Customer Conversion