Universal Kits for any Vehicle

Universal Kits for any Vehicle

These fuel injections kits are similar to the other vehicle or carburettor based kits we offer but do not include any bespoke mounting.

Upgrades to Bosch or Lucas Mechanical systems

These are ideal for upgrading an exisiting system ( such as Bosch or Lucas mechanical systems ) or if you modify your inlet manifold to hold the fuel injectors

Universal Fitment Option for other Carburettor Types

With universal injector fitment you can easily convert most vehicles where a bespoke adaptor is not available or there are other constraints.
This universal method of fitment can be easily used for both side draft and down draft carburettors.
Typically the fuel injector is mounted in the air filter or inlet trunking feeding into the carburettor mouth.
This universal fitment gives a lower cost and generally more flexible solution when compared to our bespoke adaptors or throttle body solutions.


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