Volvo Fuel Injection and Electronic Ignition Conversion
Improved Starting, Performance and Fuel Economy

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triumph gt6 fuel injection conversion
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Volvo Fuel Injection Conversion - EFI Conversion - TBI Conversion

We have designed our Classic Fuel Injection system so that it can be fitted to virtually any petrol vehicle.
It does not matter whether it is a car, truck, van, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder engine.

Systems available for -
Volvo P1800
Volvo B16, B18, B20, B21
Volvo Amazon
Volvo PV544

A customer with a Volvo PV544 fitted with B18 engine and twin SU carbs has recently decided to upgrade and is fitting our Premium Twin injector SU kit.

Pictures of Conversions wanted - Get in touch if you have photos of your conversion